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Ask A Private Investigator

February 24, 2022

This year marks the tenth anniversary since the founding of Radius Investigations by Matthew D. Seifer. In that time, our firm has flourished, with valuable knowledge picked up along the way. In the last year, our investigative team has been working tirelessly to provide more educational resources to the public on private investigation and security. Our topics of expertise range from risk management, anti-crime and survival, cybersecurity / cyber investigations, background check investigations, locating missing persons, TCSM bug sweeps, surveillance, insurance fraud, and more.

The main two reasons Radius Investigations has made education their initiative: 1., The Private Investigation field is widely misunderstood. In previous posts, we have begun to bust some of the common myths, but we know there are more misconceptions out there that we hope we can clear up. 2., Our duty as private investigators and security consultants is to protect and save the lives we serve. We hope that our educational resources will help you and your loved ones. From our fun facts to vital survival skills, our goal is to Promote Safety and Security through Knowledge and Education.

In line with our educational initiatives, we invite you to ask us questions about private investigation. As "No Bull" private investigators, we stick to the facts and give it to you straight; We are happy to answer your questions and give advice, like we have done in the last decade. We have had several cases over the years where a client can easily perform what needs to be done for their situation, but needed a nudge the right direction to do so. We've never accepted money in those cases: We want to be paid for the jobs our clients can't do.


Got Questions? Want to Get More Insights about Private Investigation? Ask Us!

We will be answering questions through our blog and social media. Your question may have a chance of appearing in our next blog post!

Disclaimer: While we uphold 100% confidentiality and sensitivity, by filling out the form below for our "Ask a Private Investigator" blog posts, you are acknowledging that your name, location, and message submitted through this form on this page may be posted at a future date online: through Radius Investigations and their affiliates' blog, social media accounts, or for other marketing purposes. You also understand that you may be contacted by associates of Radius Investigations for more information, if needed. Radius Investigations, Inc. does not provide legal advice: any legal questions should be referred to a licensed legal professional. Radius Investigations, Inc. does not share or sell your contact information to affiliates nor marketing companies. DO NOT fill out this form if you do not agree to the terms outlined above. Please use our regular contact form for any questions or comments you wish to keep completely confidential with our private detectives at Radius investigations, Inc.


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