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How to Not Be a Victim of Bank Phone Call Scams (Infographic)

October 13, 2017

With phone and mobile scams on the rise, and the recent Equifax data breach, people are concerned for the security of their financial accounts. Unfortunately, there is an increase in phone scammers who are impersonating major banks to try to obtain your financial information. These scammers can be difficult to detect: They can obtain information from hacking your online account or on hard inquiries you have had done. (while the banks may have quality security, there is no guarantee that the company running the credit check is completely secure) They then use this information to make themselves look more legitimate. After all, it's hard to question when they correctly tell you when your next payment is due as well as the balance on the account. From there, they may ask for your social security number, account number, and/or routing number. While they have become more cunning, you can prevent them from taking advantage of you and your accounts.

Here are some tips to avoid having your identity stolen and financial accounts compromised:

Resources from Infographic:

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