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A divorce is never easy, and the process can take its toll on everyone involved. However, no matter how high the stress levels get, it's important that you take the steps needed to ensure that you get the best possible outcome from the divorce itself.

That's not always simple, and in many instances you might need some help. A good private investigator may be just what you need to help ensure that your rights and interests are protected during the divorce proceedings. Here are some of the services that Radius Investigations can provide you with.

  1. Child Related Investigations – Looking into financial and employment information to determine whether or not funds are being hidden in order to avoid child support payments is a common issue many divorcees need assistance with. So are investigations into the suitability of a spouse's living arrangements as it relates to their children – if you need proof that the other party doesn't have a suitable home for a child, for example, our team of investigators can help.
  2. Infidelity Investigations – Sometimes, a spouse's infidelity will have a major influence on the way a divorce moves forward, or even if someone decides to get divorced at all. As such, acquiring evidence of the infidelity is needed and is usually best left to the professionals.
  3. Asset Searches – Divorce proceedings involve a lot of different things, but finances are often the most heavily disputed aspect. Asset searches allow the courts to see a clear, accurate breakdown of finances and are especially important when one party is hiding funds, income, or other assets.

Each of these steps could be used to help improve the outcome of your divorce, and as such it's worth considering hiring a private investigator if your divorce proceedings aren't moving forward as amicably as you would like. It's a difficult, stressful process and getting help is sometimes a necessity you can't ignore.

With more than 8 million people living within the borders of New York City, there is simply no way to avoid the sad fact that at certain points in time, some residents may find themselves suspecting their spouse of being unfaithful. If you're one of those unlucky ones who thinks that your partner may be carrying out an affair, you owe it to yourself to get the truth.

However, that doesn't mean that you should go and get the truth on your own. Trying to do so can only create problems, and to get the best possible results you're better off turning to a private detective in the New York area. Here's a quick look at just why that is.

  • For starters, it's safer. It's easy for any kind of investigation to get a bit risky – for you or for the other parties. You might lose your cool, or another party may assume that you're doing something you shouldn't be doing without even realizing who you are. Safety is important, and letting the pros handle things is a good idea.
  • Your emotions are another reason to trust in the professionals. The simple fact is that in something as potentially emotional as an infidelity case, emotions can lead to rash behavior and much more. They can even cause you to come to a conclusion that isn't even accurate, just based on the wrong perceptions. Letting an impartial professional investigate for you will ensure that this isn't an issue.
  • Resources are one of the biggest things to consider, too. The reality is that no matter how many movies you've watched, that doesn't qualify you for this type of task. Private investigators have access to a huge range of tools, technologies, and connections to help them with an investigation.
  • Similar to resources, a private detective will have plenty of experience to help guide them on the case. You may think you know what to do, but the reality of an investigation is often far different from your initial perceptions. Letting the pros take over is a much better idea.

There's no doubt that finding out the truth about your partner and their activities is something you should do if you're questioning their loyalty. But there's a right and wrong way to do anything, and in these situations it's always best to let someone who knows what they're doing take care of things for you.

More than 8 million people live in New York City alone, and among them are millions of married couples. While many of those couples will go through their lives happily, others aren't so lucky. If you find that you are one of the unlucky ones facing a divorce, you owe it to yourself to consider the services of a private detective operating in the NYC area.

This surprises many people, and it's true that in a number of divorces a private investigator would not be needed at all. But in high asset divorces, contentious divorces, and other situations, you could find that their services are exactly what you need to get the best results for yourself. If you're not sure as to whether or not you truly need a private detective, here are some of the ways that they can help you during a divorce.

  • There are cases where the proceedings of a divorce can depend upon proving that the other party was unfaithful, if the cheating spouse spent assets on the other party. Gathering that evidence can be tricky, but using a private detective will get you the proof and help improve your divorce results.
  • Child custody is another area that a private detective can help in, as is child support. Dishonesty often occurs when custody and support are at stake, but with the help of a detective you can find out what you need to know about your spouse's lifestyle, income, and even what they're doing with your children when you're not there.
  • In many divorces, especially high-asset ones, the simple process of asset location can be a huge factor in the outcome of the divorce. Spouses that hide certain income or property will make it difficult to get the most accurate and fair judgments during a divorce. Asset location is something that a detective can certainly help with, and their services may track down the assets that a spouse is keeping from the courts.

Simply put, there are a lot of different areas that a private investigator can help with when it comes to your divorce. It's important to remember that handling these things on your own usually isn't'a good idea since emotions can impede your results – not to mention the fact that a professional will have lots more experience and resources on their side.

If you need assistance with a divorce, contact us today to learn more about our services and how we may be able to help you.

Below is a list of asset services our New York and long island private investigators can perform. These services are not limited to asset searches and can also include other miscellaneous searches that can be very helpful to whoever may need them, such as the following:

  • Vehicle Registration or Plate Number- You provide VIN# or license plate #, results in name and address where registered, type of vehicle and lien holder information
  • Real Property- You provide name/ssn, results in search of all 50 states, with first 10 hits included
  • SSN Search- You provide name/address/dob, results in full non-truncated ssn
  • Education Verification- You provide name/aka/dob and ssn/college/university attended, results in attendance dates, degree and/or major
  • Reverse Email- You provide email address, results in subscriber information

Many people choose to hire an NYC Private Investigator to confirm their suspicions that their spouse is cheating. If you have a feeling that your spouse is being unfaithful, Radius Investigations can get the proof you need, whether it turns out your intuition is right or not. We have access to various resources that can confirm suspicions, so once you let us know what you think your spouse is up to, we can put our skills to work to find out if what you suspect is true.

One method we commonly use is monitoring what your spouse does online. Many people not only meet others through the internet, but they also regularly interact with them online. A qualified NYC detective can use software and other methods to track your spouse’s email accounts, chat room activity, and social media exchanges.

This is helpful if you do not have your spouse’s password for these accounts, but even if you do, we can uncover details you would never see. If your spouse is trying to be careful, he or she may be deleting communication online, but an experienced NYC detective knows how to find what your spouse is desperately trying to hide.

We can also track your spouse’s vehicle as he or she meets up with the other man or woman. In fact, this allows us to identify the other person, if you so desire. We use discreet vehicle tracking devices and surveillance equipment to keep a close eye on your spouse. If you need proof of cheating, our methods are especially useful since we can take photos and videos of your spouse.

It should be clear that the assistance of an NYC detective is integral to obtaining proof of infidelity. Whether you need this for court or just for peace of mind, contact us today.

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