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As the use of social media explodes, so does its use in divorce proceeding investigations. Lawyers are increasingly using content from social media and other electronic communication as evidence in divorce cases. Therefore, it is important not only to protect yourself by limiting what you communicate on social media while you are going through a divorce, but also to ensure your lawyer exploits whatever information your ex-spouse is indiscreetly making available over their social media channels.

More and more it is possible to use such information to support allegations of hidden assets, substance abuse, illicit affairs and the like. These revelations can have serious impacts on decisions from everything from child custody to alimony payments and settlement amounts.


Radius Investigations has helped many law firms involved in litigation. We excel at doing what is necessary for lawyers to succeed in court, including: finding witnesses, locating hidden assets, verifying injury claims, uncovering evidence to help criminal defendants, and more.

If you're an attorney involved in litigation and need of our help please contact us at (888) 698-0077.

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