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Your Safety Partner in Long Island: Guardian Security Services

In the heart of Long Island, Guardian Security serves as your steadfast guardian, providing an array of specialized services tailored to grant you peace of mind amidst the city's dynamic landscape. Amidst the city's current safety situation, Guardian Security's expertise and comprehensive services stand as an additional layer of assurance, ensuring a secure environment.

With an unwavering commitment to your safety, Guardian Security crafts personalized security plans, conducts thorough vulnerability assessments and excels in event security management. In Long Island where safety is paramount, Guardian Security's dedication and expertise play a pivotal role, offering a safeguarding haven that complements the city's existing safety measures, ensuring you feel secure in every step you take within the urban maze.

Ready to navigate Long Island with absolute confidence? Explore Guardian Security's specialized services today at (631)351-6473 and elevate your peace of mind in the city that never sleeps. Reach out and experience the assurance of Guardian Security today!

Tailored Security Solutions: Crafted for Your Unique Needs in Long Island

Guardian Security takes a personalized approach, crafting safety plans that fit like a glove. Check out the wide array of services we offer, covering a broad spectrum to cater to your needs.

Safety Planning: Personalized Security Strategies

Consider Guardian Security as your dedicated safety architect, meticulously sculpting custom security plans tailored for your business or home. With an eye for detail, we intricately design these plans to ensure a robust shield against potential threats.

Our expertise lies in crafting personalized safety strategies that seamlessly integrate with your unique requirements. We meticulously consider every aspect to fortify your security, offering custom security plans meticulously tailored to provide a reliable defense against potential risks.

Vulnerability Assessments: Fortifying Your Defenses

Guardian Security's specialized services highlight our proficiency in conducting comprehensive security assessments. We meticulously scan every area of your premises, identifying potential weak spots and assessing vulnerabilities. We offer proactive solutions to bolster your security measures. By identifying vulnerabilities early on, we ensure you stay steps ahead of potential risks, providing a robust defense system for your utmost peace of mind.

Event Security Excellence: Seamless and Safe Celebrations

For events large and small, Guardian Security masters the art of safety without overshadowing the essence of celebration. Think of us as the conductors behind the scenes, ensuring a harmonious and secure event for everyone involved.

Advanced Tools and Strategic Approaches: Elevating Safety Standards in Long Island

Within Guardian Security's operational expertise lies a detailed and meticulous approach to safety and security measures, exposing the intricacies of our workings.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Leveraging the latest tools and tech for vigilant surveillance and comprehensive security measures.
  • Proactive Solutions: Their proactive approach mitigates potential risks before they evolve into threats, maintaining a proactive stance against vulnerabilities.
  • Tailored Security Plans: Each security plan is intricately designed, akin to a tailored suit, ensuring it perfectly fits your security needs.

Trust and Dedication: Safeguarding Your Confidence - NYC

Guardian Security's services are a testament to their unwavering commitment. Our meticulous attention to detail instills a deep sense of trust, allowing you to rely on their expertise and dedication to your safety and security needs.

Long Island Security Services

Guardian Security invites you into a world where safety isn’t just a service—it's a commitment to fortifying your haven in the bustling cityscape. Discover our expertise, dedication, and bespoke security solutions, providing a sanctuary within the vivacious rhythm of the city.

Call today and let us begin protecting you! (631)351-6473

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Matthew Seifer and Don Longo had the opportunity to discuss the recent active shooter incidents and how to survive with host Tom Schiliro on "Your Island with Tom Schiliro" on LI News Radio 103.9FM. This took place the day after hosting our first active shooter seminar. This radio segment is an excellent introduction for active shooter survival, but not as comprehensive as our seminars. You can sign up for our email list to stay updated on upcoming seminar dates. We expect to do monthly seminars starting in January 2018.

This segment was broken into two parts. Each part is approximately 20 minutes.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Licensed P.I. and Retired Police Officer Don Longo Presents Active Shooter Survival Seminars

Radius Investigations, Inc. Hosts Seminars by Anti-Crime and Active Shooter Security Expert

Hauppauge, NY: In response to the recent Las Vegas mass shooting tragedy, Radius Investigations, Inc. has announced their partnership with Anti-Crime Technique and Tactics expert Don Longo, to kick off hosting a series of anti-crime tactic and technique public seminars, at Radius Investigations’ headquarters. The first topic on surviving an active shooter incident will be open to the public in the Citibank building on Motor Parkway in Hauppauge. Don Longo is a licensed private investigator and decorated Retired Suffolk County Police Officer with over 30 years’ experience in law enforcement and security. Longo specializes in domestic and international anti-crime tactics and techniques, with previous experience with members of the FBI and U.S. Secret Service. His other seminar topics include Senior scams, international travel safety, recognizing potentially violent behavior in adults and children, and “verbal judo”: a technique that is used in training police officers to verbally deescalate tense situations, modified for the public audience.

In response to the recent announcement, Licensed Lead Private Investigator at Radius Investigations, Matthew D. Seifer said, “It is an honor to host these seminars by such an esteemed individual that is Don Longo. His knowledge and professionalism are in line with our initiatives in offering valuable educational resources for our clients, local businesses, the New York and Long Island communities. By Promoting Safety and Security through Knowledge and Education, our goal is to help save lives in the event of an emergency.” Radius Investigations has been working intensely this year to present educational opportunities to the public, including a partnership with Safety Quest, Ltd. in providing certified instruction for NYS Security Guard Training Courses at Radius Investigations’ new location.

  • The first lecture by Don Longo, “How To Survive an Active Shooter Incident”, will be on Nov. 9th from 7 pm-9 pm, hosted downstairs in the Media Center at Radius Investigations’ facility at 150 Motor Parkway, Hauppauge, New York, 11788. Seating will be limited; Advance registration is required. To see the full schedule and registration information for the Anti-Crime Tactics and Techniques Seminars or request a seminar at your location, visit Radius Investigations’ website. (https://gstny.com/anti-crime-active-shooter-seminars/ )

About Radius Investigations, Inc: Radius Investigations Inc., located on Long Island in Hauppauge, New York, is not your typical private investigation firm. Radius Investigations is one of the first to provide not only private investigation and security consulting services, but host NYS Security Guard Training courses in their 90-person classroom facility. Radius Investigations, Inc., was founded in 2007 by Matthew D. Seifer, an army veteran, Lead Licensed Investigator, Registered Armed Guard, and NYS DCJS Certified Instructor. Radius Investigations’ network of expert “no bull” private investigators works with clients in New York and worldwide to gather actionable intelligence to help them make informed decisions.


Heather Cavanaugh

Marketing Coordinator, Radius Investigations, Inc.



3 Tips to Detect Credit Card Skimmers

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon case throughout the country. As technology continues to grow, scammers are getting more sophisticated in stealing your credit card information. 27% of adults have been victim to credit card theft in 2016 from using cards in stores. It is important to be informed on how to prevent and report these devices.

What is a card skimmer?

A card skimmer is a device or series of devices (including scanners and cameras) used to steal your card information. Skimming is when there is an additional discreet device placed on a card reader and/or pin pad so that when you swipe or insert your card, that device transmits your credit card information to their computer to use at their disposal. These devices usually are placed over the original card scanners and number pads.

Are RFID chips secure from card skimmers?

Just as credit card technology advances, card skimmers are getting smarter. Skimmers now can activate the RFID chip to gather information. With that said, obtaining the information from the RFID chip alone may not be enough. However, when using a card reader skimmer, like in an ATM, they can access the RFID chip, magnetic stripe, and using a camera in the card reader to read the CVC code, scammers can get all the information they need to start making fraudulent purchases on your account.

If there is a card skimmer device, will my credit or debit card still be read by the original machine?

These skimmers are designed to sit just above or before the original manufacturer's card scanner. So your transaction will still go through normally, which is ideal for scammers. By completing a transaction, a scammer can get the information from the magnetic stripe, the RFID chip, the CVC security code on the back of your card, and the PIN number for your card.

How can I tell if there are skimming devices?

These devices are designed to appear as innocuous as possible, matching the design of a card reader or ATM, making it difficult to find at first glance. The good news is that there are ways to check if there are devices.

Here are some tips to follow the next time you need to use your card:

  1. Check the area where you swipe or insert your card for any adhesive or extra plastic. You can do this by tugging and squeezing the card cover or swiper. The plastic should not be able to move, bend, or shift. A man at a 7-11 in Seaford, NY was able to identify a card skimming device using this method.
  2. Check the number pad-does the pad feels flush the machine? Note any "layers" or appearance of an additional number pad on top of the original. Also, look under the number pad covers for any cameras or devices facing the number pad. Look carefully-the camera lens can be as small as a screw. Always assume someone is watching you when you complete a transaction: cover your hands as you enter your pin number in case there is a camera.
  3. Swipe or Insert the card yourself whenever possible. If an employee needs to swipe your card, watch them carefully for any suspicious behavior. Employees could potentially swipe your card on their own device, or have a skimmer on the register machine.

Most Importantly, if you are unsure about the integrity of a card reader or ATM, follow your gut: Do not use the reader and contact the police, even if you are not completely sure. If you live in NY, you can send a report autonomously through the See Something, Send Something App. If you find a card skimming device, contact the local police immediately. Do not use the card reader. 

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