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How Can Hiring a Private Investigator Help Your Child Custody Case?

April 24, 2012

If you are concerned about your former spouse getting custody of your children, you should consider hiring a private investigator. NYC has several investigators with the right resources that can unveil the information you seek. Consider how the typical private investigator in NYC can help you with your child custody case.

Gaining the Right Documentation For Your Child Custody Case

A good private investigator can easily find documents that support your suspicions if you think your former spouse is not a good parent for your children. Investigators frequently know which records to check in order to gain evidence that supports your case. These might include criminal records and work history. You have every right to ensure that the person your children are staying with is able to provide a healthy, safe environment, so it makes sense to have important records checked. If we find anything that is amiss or can prove that your former spouse is not fit to raise children, you can likely use it to support your position in your child custody case.

Tracking Your Former Spouse

If you have reason to believe that your former spouse leads a dangerous lifestyle not suitable for children, a private investigator can track him or her to get the proof you need. For example, if you suspect your former partner is doing drugs or abusing alcohol with your children around, an investigator can obtain proof that you can present to the court. GPS tracking devices can get the results you need, and when it comes to the typical private investigator, NYC residents should be pleased to know most of them have this kind of resource.

Covert Surveillance

Being discreet is one major detail that you would probably expect to find in the average private investigator. NYC, fortunately, has at least a few investigators who are quite inconspicuous, using hidden cameras when necessary to catch your former spouse in the act. Whether you suspect he or she uses drugs, works at an illegal profession, or generally neglects the kids, a hidden camera may be what you need to confirm these beliefs.

When hiring a private investigator, NYC residents looking for help with a child custody case should seek out a professional with the necessary experience. You are advised to find an investigator who has gotten results for past clients, helping them gain custody or at least visitation with their children after revealing the results of the investigation.

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