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Child Support Investigations: Helping To Enforce Responsibility

March 19, 2015

Divorce proceedings where young children are involved are especially sensitive, given the high priority on preserving the children’s well-being. Far too frequently, however, the non-custodial parent may fall behind on or entirely discontinue support payments. For the custodial parent who needs the financial support to maintain a household and properly raise the children, this can feel like an overwhelming challenge.

How Can a Private Investigator Help Enforce Continuation of Child Support Payments?

When non-custodial child support has lapsed, many custodial parents will turn to a Private Investigator in order to help remedy the situation.  This can often follow one of 3 courses of action.

Location of the absent parent

Lack of support payments can mean that the non-custodial parent is voluntarily missing in order to avoid his/her financial responsibility.  In these cases, a Private Investigator can be employed to locate that individual, and once located, the custodial parent can then proceed with legal action to compel the continuation of child support.

Verification of employment or income

There are other situations where the non-custodial parent may be accessible but may claim that they have insufficient funds to meet their responsibilities.  A private investigator can help to verify the non-custodial parent’s employment and provide circumstantial evidence of his/her income by collecting evidence and analyzing the non-custodial parent’s lifestyle.  These details can then be used to assess whether the non-custodial parent is being truthful regarding his/her financial situation.

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Location of Assets

In addition, where the non-custodial parent claims that he/she has insufficient assets to support the award of child support, a Private Investigator can be employed to uncover hidden assets and provide evidence as to the ability to provide support.

Learn How We Can Locate Assets

Regardless of the cause of non-payment, custodial parents should take action to protect their rights and the rights and welfare of the children. The resources and skills of a Private Investigator can be of great assistance in obtaining the evidence and/or information crucial to preserving those rights.

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