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Employee Background Checks: Who Are You Really Trusting Your Business To?

March 30, 2015

For any business owner, hiring new employees can be a lesson in trust. While almost all companies, large and small, will require an employee background check, it is unfortunate that some corporate practices in this field only extend to verifying the last place of employment and checking up on references.

This is not always the best or most thorough practice, and can lead to penalties and legal issues down the road. Sadly, the trustworthiness of a new hire is not always that easy to discern, especially when potential hires utilize subversive tactics to undermine accurate verification.

Some of the common things that our NYC and Long Island Private Investigators will uncover include:

  • The use of stolen Social Security numbers to hide criminal records
  • The practice of a hired reference service to provide positive recommendations
  • Falsified contact numbers for previous employers, to hide possible infractions

A Comprehensive Employee Background Check Can Be Vital to Ensuring the Legal and Fiscal Viability of Your Company

How do you discover the truth about potential employees?

At Radius Investigations, our NYC Private Investigators have access to resources that can provide the complete employee background check your company needs before hiring any new employee. Databases that are not available to the public can allow us to uncover information such as:

  • Criminal and arrest records, as well as possible warrants from other states
  • Convictions and prison time
  • Financials, including bankruptcy and other legal filings
  • Real identity and age
  • Professional licensing and education verification
  • Driving records
  • Military records
  • Exclusions from employment

The result is that you, as the employer, can gain an honest assessment of the individuals you are intending to hire, and this can lead to a decision that is wise for your business. This is not only from the perspective of protecting your company from possible internal fraud, but also in regard to avoiding the chance of legal action and penalties that can result from poor employment choices.

For NYC and Long Island employers who want the peace of mind in knowing they can trust their employees, we recommend that you contact us about our employee background check services.

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