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False Arrest Investigation

Prove Your Innocence - We Can Help Your Case

A false or wrongful arrest can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons: A case of mistaken identity, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, a police officer not following proper protocol, and in rare situations, because of intentional malice. It is a situation that leads to lifelong repercussions for the victim: Being required to report the arrest for security clearances, even if the records are expunged, having to explain details to family or neighbors who learned of the arrest, and mental anguish.

A mistake a victim of a false arrest may make is hoping the situation will just work itself out and the truth will reveal on its own. This is a dangerous route to take: Many police precincts and courts are overworked, understaffed, with limited budgets. Don’t assume they will have the time to properly review your arrest. You need to make sure you have dedicated legal counsel* and a licensed private investigator to work together to perform a full review, do due diligence and defend your case. Proving your innocence can exonerate you from the charges and possibly be awarded for monetary damages.

We Can Help You and Your Attorney In Your Wrongful Arrest Case

If you need an attorney, contact us and we can refer you to one in your area for your case.

  • We can perform comprehensive background checks on subjects in your case to gather actionable intelligence. Our background investigation services can include criminal background checks, driving records, property ownership, employment reports, and state licensing records.
  • Witnesses can be the deciding factor in a wrongful arrest case. Our person location services can help locate key witnesses. Guardian Investigations expert private investigators come from law enforcement and military backgrounds who have extensive training in interview techniques to gain information and evidence from witnesses while maintaining legal compliance.
  • We work with you and your attorney in acquiring or retrieving data from computers and phones and analyzing the records for your case. This can include data such as digital records, correspondence, or videos of the event.
  • As with all of our wrongful arrest investigation services, you will receive a comprehensive report on our findings that is admissible in court.

Time is usually not on your side in a false arrest case. Speak to our private investigators or have your attorney contact Guardian Investigations today! Our false arrest investigations will get to the bottom of the situation quickly. We use all of the investigative tools at our disposal to help!

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