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Featured Products - Covert Cameras

October 17, 2012

Some of our most useful and advanced products are in the Covert Camera Section of SecretSpystore.  A few examples of these are the BBClock10, the CL 520 Nitespy, and the SmokeDVR520.  The BBClock10 is a smart way to capture video with a hidden camera built into an everyday looking wall clock.  This is one of the best ways to get video footage without being too obvious.  The CL 520 Nitespy is perfect for filming in the bedroom or in any setting where an alarm clock would be placed.  The CL 520 Nitespy has a built in camera into the alarm clock with motion sensor playback and many more features.  The SmokeDVR520 is the least conspicious out of the three.  This is because it has a built in camera into a smoke detector, whereas the smoke detector being the least seen out of the three.  Each one of these featured products are perfect ways to film in just about any indoor setting with the least possibility of being caught.

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