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Guardian Investigations Services

When should I use a private investigator?

This question can be difficult to answer, since it heavily depends on your situation. Hiring a private investigator is imperative when you need to find the truth but cannot do it on your own, whether it is due to concerns of safety or unable to find vital information. Our licensed, bonded, and insured private investigators have a culmination of multiple lifetimes worth of expertise and experience. We have access to resources and professional training to acquire sensitive information that would otherwise be inaccessible or dangerous to obtain.

Guardian Investigations provides a comprehensive range of investigative services to help you get the answers you need. Unsure of what you need for your situation? Scroll down to contact us and we can advise what is best for you. We are available 24/7.

Employment Investigations

Have confidence in you staff and their history with high-quality, thorough background checks from Guardian Investigations. Background checks can include verification of personal and legal records, past employment history, criminal records, driving records, references, drug test records, and more. Read more about employee background checks

Guardian is an industry leader in providing Security Risk Management and Consulting solutions. Using our proprietary and analytical approach, along with cutting-edge technology, we are able to identify, manage and mitigate risk for clients unlike anyone else. We provide solutions for any size company nationally and worldwide. Learn more about our corporate investigative expertise.

If you have a mobile team of employees who are not staying on route, and/or you suspect that procedures are falling through the cracks, ensure employee integrity through Guardian Investigation’s activity check experts.

Our background and credit verification services utilize top-quality industry sources to verify credit history of individuals, whether it is for employment or tenant eligibility. Note: This service requires a signed waiver from the individual receiving the credit check. Learn more about our credit verification and other background check services.

Our expert investigators can help your company verify workman’s compensation cases. Don’t let compensation fraud hurt your business and fellow employees! Find out how we can work with your company to preserve integrity in compensation claims.

Our expert private investigation team can investigate insurance fraud or more complex investigations to ensure you are not losing money to fraudulent insurance claims. Find out how Guardian Investigations can gather intelligence for you.

Surveillance and Undercover Investigations

Let our trained investigative surveillance professionals gather quality video evidence for your case so you can make an actionable decision. We use traditional methods and the latest in technology for surveillance. See our surveillance work featured in the NY Post and how our services can work for you.

Our surveillance services can be used to verify worker’s compensation suits to prevent and reduce fraud. Find out how we can help your company’s compensation claims.

Don’t be a victim of fraudulent insurance claims. We use the latest in surveillance technology and professional tracking techniques in gathering information on individuals who are suspected of insurance fraud. Learn more about how we prevent insurance fraud.

Personal injury lawsuits come at a large financial cost. Unfortunately, a fraudulent personal injury suit can add salt to the wound. Verify the validity of the claimant’s injuries with our private investigative experts.

Our trained professional security team can work and blend into your culture or lifestyle to provide quality covert security. Learn more about our expert security services.

Whether you need to keep tabs on your loved ones or you are a business owner who wants to monitor your field employees, our experts can provide advice on the best tracking devices for your needs.

Do you suspect your partner is cheating? Our team of investigators can work out in the field worldwide to monitor and get evidence of infidelity. Find out more about how we can verify your suspicions to help you make an informed decision.

Computer Forensics Cell Phone Analysis

Get answers and peace of mind with expert TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter-Measure) services from our private investigators. Our bug sweeping uses the latest in technology and top-notch techniques in detecting and removing surveillance devices such as covert cameras, listening devices, and hidden microphones from your home, office, or vehicle. Read more about our bug sweeping services.

Lost or fragmented data may not be all for naught. Our digital forensic experts use the latest technology and techniques in gathering incomplete data from your storage hardware.

Guardian Investigations are experts in acquiring and analyzing data from multiple digital and physical sources. See an example of our work with the Village of Mastic Beach in retrieving and acquiring data as part of their database audit.

Our laptop and desktop forensics can discover essential data for your case or situation. Our forensics team can also identify the use of any key logging or tracking software installed on your computer.

Let our experts explore files and archives in smartphones or iPhones. Our service includes detection of tampering or cloning of a smartphone.

Discover the truth of what others or loved ones are doing on social media. Our experts are top-notch in digging into the underbelly of social media outlets to gather information on individuals. Learn how our social media investigators can help you find the answers.

Corporate Investigations and Threat Assessments

Get assurance that the staff and businesses you work with are valid and top-quality. Our International Business Background check services can verify business entities that are domestic or abroad.

Our asset search investigative services provide accurate and comprehensive information on confirmed and hidden assets on individuals and businesses. Find out how an asset investigation can provide verified intelligence to help you make an informed decision.

Our Expert Investigators can provide internal investigation services, including search and acquiring evidence, interviews, and polygraph techniques.

Do you suspect that someone or an entity is obtaining and distributing top secret information on your company? Guardian Investigations team of experts use the latest in technology and investigative techniques to gather actionable intelligence on the security of your company’s most sensitive information. Find out how our network of private investigators can work with your company.

Ensure that your business’ construction projects and corporate enterprises have quality control measures in place with our experts from Guardian Investigations. Find out how our private investigators can investigate and monitor for signs of corruption, violations of the law, fraud, waste, abuse and false claims.

Criminal Investigations and Litigation Support

Having a wrongful arrest on your record is a frustrating and overwhelming experience. Guardian Investigations provides due diligence in obtaining the intelligence and evidence needed to support your case in wrongful arrests. We work closely with our network of local law enforcement and legal entities to get the facts straight. Learn more about how we work tirelessly by your side on your wrongful false arrest case.

Serving papers to someone can be an arduous task. Guardian Investigations has a worldwide network of professional experts that can locate and present subpoena documents to individuals or businesses while maintaining legal compliance and complete due process. Contact us to find out how you can let us handle this key part of your case

Witnesses can be the difference between the truth and a wrongful conviction. Guardian Investigations’ advanced network of international private investigators work tirelessly to find the key witnesses to your case.

Are you, your child, or someone you know is being harassed or bullied? (including cyber bullying) Our licensed professional private investigators work online and in the field to help you gather evidence and provide support in diffusing the situation so you don’t continue to be a victim. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

Matrimonial and Personal Investigations

Our professional investigators can work with you and your attorney in investigating and acquiring the evidence you need for your divorce case. This includes asset searches, background checks, surveillance, and more.

Find the truth: Our private investigators and detectives can search from New York and beyond to find the answers to your suspicions about your partner’s faithfulness.

Need to confirm assets on an ex-spouse for divorce or child support? Our comprehensive asset investigations provide accurate intelligence on an individual’s assets to help you make actionable decisions. Find out how our asset investigative services can help your matrimonial case.

Need to locate an ex-spouse for divorce, child custody, or child support? Are you searching for a long-lost family member or friend to reconnect? Our network of nationwide and international expert private investigators can locate missing individuals. See how our experts can help you get answers and peace of mind.

Whether it is someone you met online or you want peace of mind before you say, “I do,” Our expert investigators can perform personal background checks and social media investigations to ensure that your future partner is who they say they are.

Placing an elderly loved one in another person’s care can be an incredibly difficult decision. While many caretakers and facilities are trustworthy quality professionals, unfortunately, some fall through the cracks. Learn the signs of abuse or neglect and how Guardian Investigations can assist you in seeking out the truth.

Get the answers you need: Speak to a Private Investigator from Guardian Investigations!

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