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Prevented a Tragedy: A High School Resource Officer Stops Active Shooter

May 17, 2018

Dixon Police Officer Mark Dallas has been praised as a hero by members of Dixon High School, his colleagues, the city of Dixon, and Vice-President Mike Pence, for his brave and heroic actions in stopping an active shooter on May 15th, 2018, at Dixon High School. Dallas shot and wounded the gunman, a 19-year-old former student, who opened fire near the school's west gym, where students have gathered for graduation rehearsal.

When the gunman arrived on campus around 8 a.m. and began to open fire, Dallas rushed to the source. As he approached the suspect, the gunman fled and fired shots at the officer while Dallas was in pursuit. Dallas was not struck by the suspect's shots. Officer Dallas returned fire, struck the suspect, and the suspect was taken into custody.

Students in the gym who heard the gunshots thought they were firecrackers. Gym teacher Andrew McKay ran into the gym and instructed students to evacuate the gym. The students ran out of the gym and went to the National Guard armory nearby. Students in other areas of the building went into lockdown, barricading their doors with chairs and furniture. The building remained in lockdown in the immediate aftermath of the incident, and the school was not in session the following day.

Because of Dallas' and McKay's actions, no one was hurt during the incident, with the exception of the gunman. The suspect was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries and is in custody with local law enforcement. Dallas is currently on paid administrative leave to allow time for him and his family to process the events.

Dixon Mayor Liandro Arellano Jr. praised Dallas in how he mitigated a tragedy: “From the angle I’m looking at right now, a lot of things went right today when a great many of them could have (gone) wrong. Things could have gone much worse.” 

Officer Mark Dallas is a 15-year Dixon police department veteran and has 24 years experience as a LEO. He has served as a resource officer at Dixon High School for five years. DHS has had resource officers on campus since 2000 to help prevent school violence.



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