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How A NYC Private Detective Can Help During A Divorce

February 24, 2015

More than 8 million people live in New York City alone, and among them are millions of married couples. While many of those couples will go through their lives happily, others aren't so lucky. If you find that you are one of the unlucky ones facing a divorce, you owe it to yourself to consider the services of a private detective operating in the NYC area.

This surprises many people, and it's true that in a number of divorces a private investigator would not be needed at all. But in high asset divorces, contentious divorces, and other situations, you could find that their services are exactly what you need to get the best results for yourself. If you're not sure as to whether or not you truly need a private detective, here are some of the ways that they can help you during a divorce.

  • There are cases where the proceedings of a divorce can depend upon proving that the other party was unfaithful, if the cheating spouse spent assets on the other party. Gathering that evidence can be tricky, but using a private detective will get you the proof and help improve your divorce results.
  • Child custody is another area that a private detective can help in, as is child support. Dishonesty often occurs when custody and support are at stake, but with the help of a detective you can find out what you need to know about your spouse's lifestyle, income, and even what they're doing with your children when you're not there.
  • In many divorces, especially high-asset ones, the simple process of asset location can be a huge factor in the outcome of the divorce. Spouses that hide certain income or property will make it difficult to get the most accurate and fair judgments during a divorce. Asset location is something that a detective can certainly help with, and their services may track down the assets that a spouse is keeping from the courts.

Simply put, there are a lot of different areas that a private investigator can help with when it comes to your divorce. It's important to remember that handling these things on your own usually isn't'a good idea since emotions can impede your results – not to mention the fact that a professional will have lots more experience and resources on their side.

If you need assistance with a divorce, contact us today to learn more about our services and how we may be able to help you.

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