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How to Help After Hurricane Harvey: An Important Message from Radius Investigations

September 1, 2017

This week, we will be taking a small break from our usual "Fun Fact Friday" schedule; I felt that this topic is far more pressing.

While many of us are preparing or already on the final summer vacations during the Labor Day holiday weekend, there are those who will not be able to celebrate this week. As Hurricane, Tropical Storm, then Hurricane again, Harvey finally vacated Southern Texas, the damage left behind is, for lack of better words: devastating. As of writing this, it has been reported that there are over 37 people have been declared dead, including Houston Police Sgt. Steve Perez, who drowned while trying to get to work. Countless more are injured and missing. That count, unfortunately, is expected to increase.

We at Radius Investigations still remember the destruction left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy on Long Island, yet that seems to pale in comparison to this storm that has wracked the South. We remember and honor those who came to our aid while many of us were left without power and amenities for weeks, trying to rebuild what was damaged and lost. There is a reason that #LongIslandStrong was trending during Sandy: We rose up to the occasion and were able to get our lives back. Almost 5 years later, our associates frequently visit the South Shore of Long Island and find that many have rebuilt, raising their houses to prevent another storm from wiping them out, refusing to leave the place they call home. While they have come back strong, you can still find houses abandoned or demolished in response to Sandy. I can assure you that Big Fightin' Texas will be no less resilient, but there is a caveat: Just like with us in 2012, they will need help to get back on their feet. Countless volunteers and heroes have already stepped up to assist in rescuing and evacuating residents from the deep floodwaters, but are in dire need of supplies and amenities.

Our subscribers and readers come from all over the United States and around the world: Even if you are not in Texas, we ask that you provide support in any way that you are able. Here are multiple credible resources who are requesting donations. To preface, many organizations have asked that monetary donations be a priority over sending supplies, to ensure that the necessary materials purchased can handle the current difficulties in logistics.

Local Charities:

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund (put in place by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner)

Houston Food Bank (They are currently closed due to the flood waters, but are accepting donations in anticipation for increased demand)

Food Bank of Corpus Cristi

Local Animal Rescues/Shelters:

Houston Humane Society 

Houston ASPCA

San Antonio Humane Society (Harvey's Heroes Disaster Fund)

National/International Organizations (Charity Navigator has an excellent resource of credible organizations specifically working in response to the Harvey disaster: )

American Red Cross (There is a current emergency need for blood donations, please check with your local blood bank or drive)

United Way Relief Fund


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