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Make Us Your Third Party Background Check Provider

August 31, 2015

Almost every day, the news reports instances of businesses being victimized by fraud, theft, breach of computer security, or other serious problems. Many of these problems are caused by the business's own employees. One of the best ways for businesses to help prevent themselves, and their clientele, from being victimized in this way is by conducting pre-employment background checks.

Employee Background Check Provider in NY

A thorough background check can help:

  • protect against workplace violence,
  • limit the possibility of employee theft, and
  • help you, the business owner, select the best employees for the job.

However, performing a background check on your own can be a long and tedious process. In addition, there are practical, as well as legal requirements that must be considered.

Due to the cost, expertise, and time that is needed to perform a proper background check, many employers in the New York area, and around the country, have turned to Radius Investigations as their third-party background check provider.

Radius is experienced in working with the local court systems and have processes in place to cost-effectively and quickly obtain and verify record accuracy and quality.

Radius' professional investigators are well-versed in Federal, state, and local reporting laws, and can provide you with useful tools and documents, like consent forms and template letters for notifying applicants who did not pass their background checks.

Learn how we can help you protect the business you've worked hard to build. Contact Radius Investigations today for a free pre-employment background check consultation.

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