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NYS Conceal Carry Training

About This Course

New York State Conceal Carry Firearm Safety Training

A National Rifle Association - NRA / DCJS Certified Course for the 16-hr. in classroom and 2-hr. firearms qualification (18 Hours)

Our comprehensive conceal carry “CCW” firearms safety course will exceed the minimum standard requirements.

This highly sought-after course is taught by our NRA Qualified Firearms Instructors, who are duly authorized & qualified New York State DCJS Certified Instructors. Your training will consist of 16 hours of in-person, live classroom instruction and 2 hours of live fire firearms proficiency at the firearms range, totaling 18 hours.

You do not need to have a pistol permit nor a firearm, if you do not have a firearm, one can be rented for the firearms range qualification. This course will satisfy the pistol licensing agencies for submission of your pistol permit application to either obtain a concealed carry permit in New York State, or to amend your current restrictive proper cause issued permit, to a concealed carry permit ‘CCW”.

The course will be instructed, over 2 days in the classroom and 2 hours of live fire on the range.

Topics discussed in the classroom will include:

  1. Firearm Safe Storage
  2. State and Federal laws – Proper Concealment
  3. Suicide Prevention
  4. Sensitive Places & Current up to date law changes
  5. Concealed Carry & Situational Awareness
  6. Adverse Effects of Alcohol and Drug Use
  7. Conflict Management & De-escalation
  8. Use of Deadly Physical Force – NYS Article 35
  9. Best Practices when Encountering Law Enforcement
  10. Basic Principles of Marksmanship & General Firearm Safety
  11. Range and Live Fire Diagnostics Testing / Safe Handling Of A Firearm


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