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The NFL Conducts Background Checks On Top Draft Picks

April 16, 2015

At Radius Investigations, we frequently stress how critical it is for companies to conduct proper and thorough background screening on prospective employees. A proper background investigation can help protect not only the company itself, but also its employees and their families, the company's brand, and its customers. Pre-employment screening should be standard practice for every organization, as demonstrated in an article written by Timothy Bella for america.aljazeera.com. Mr. Bella' article discusses how the NFL, as well as individual teams, hire private investigators to do background checks on college players prior to the NFL Draft.

Today, the league employs more than 70 independent investigators and performs background checks on every prospect invited to the combine, almost 400 total, reported The New York Times. In addition to league-administered background checks, teams conduct their own checks, often hiring security firms, private investigators or FBI agents. This year, there is a particular emphasis on players with a history of violence, which would warrant an additional background check, according to the league’s updated player conduct policy.

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Obviously, the NFL, as well as individual NFL franchises, realize the importance of hiring people who will properly represent the "the game". They're looking for good citizens who will increase the value of the NFL's brand instead of tarnishing it. This is especially important considering the recent scandals rocking the NFL regarding player misconduct.

The same situation, and the same risk, exists for every business, whether local, national, or international. The best way to protect YOUR brand and your standing in the community is to do your best to make sure you're hiring good citizens by conducting thorough employee background checks.

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