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Pharmacy Security Solutions

June 21, 2011

The intent meaning of World Wide Web no longer means what it stands for...WWW is now considered what it used to - WILD WILD WEST.

As of 6-19-11 the Close knit community of Medford, Long Island NY was stricken down with brutally senseless violence that left 4 dead. Shattered on the floor of Haven Pharmacy were innocent lives of men and women all of whom had no idea that on that morning they would not return to their loved ones.  A man killed 4 people on a quiet Sunday morning robbing a local Pharmacy and ran away.

Unfortunately, the “WWW” has not removed itself to far from the days when anyone could take whatever they saw in front of their eyes. The measures in place to help identify and aid in the prosecution of such monstrous acts of immorality and viciously heinous acts are as antiquated in such fashion; leaving no room for protection or protocol.

Radius Investigations has the issue at hand under control with proven tactics that will aid in the prevention of such acts against Pharmacy’s who not only are at risk but have experienced patterns as such.

Protocols of emergency procedure need to include the following:

  • Protocol and procedure training in various identifiers of counter surveillance of person’s who fall under the suspicious activity report guidelines “SAR’s”, set in place
  • Security personnel on premise with the ability to provide protection & emergency response procedure “ERP” in high priority incident preparedness
  • The proper training of individuals that are employed by the facility in the implantation of emergency response procedure in high priority incident preparedness
  • Direct connection to Emergency response via telecommunication  dial out to central station monitoring within the specific quadrant of each facility to Law Enforcement agencies
  • A Law Enforcement liaison infrastructure for high priority incidents
  • Annual in-service  training for the individuals appointed as “ERP” Employee’s

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