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Private Investigators in New York Can Help You Identify Elder Abuse

May 4, 2012

We have seen it all during our more than 30 years of experience as private investigators. New York, like most other states, has its share of people who take advantage of the elderly, and we are eager to identify and stop these people from preying on older victims.

If you suspect an elderly relative is being abused by a caretaker, let us know so we can find out for sure, providing you with the tools to stop the abuse for good. There are various types of elderly abuse, and your relative could unfortunately be a victim of them all.

One example is physical abuse. This may occur when a caretaker hits, kicks, or pushes the victim. In fact, any instance in which the victim ends up physically injured as a result of the caretaker may count as physical abuse. If your loved one frequently has bruises, broken bones, or scratches, and his or her stories do not add up, you should suspect abuse by the caretaker. Of course, if your relative flat out tells you he or she has been abused, you need to hire competent private investigators. New York is the home of Radius Investigations, and we know just how to proceed with this type of case.

Another type of elderly abuse is mental, not physical. This usually consists of a caretaker insulting the victim, or telling the elderly person that no one loves him or her. This can lead to isolation, feelings of unhappiness, or even depression, so you need to get your loved one out of this situation fast.

Some caretakers abuse their victims financially. They do so by convincing elderly people to let them handle their accounts. In some cases, there is no convincing needed since the government may require someone else to handle the finances of someone too sick or elderly to do the job alone. In this way, some caretakers defraud victims out of thousands of dollars of hard-earned money.

If your relative is suddenly broke, with no idea of where his or her money went, you owe it to the victim to hire some private investigators. New York residents who are elderly may also be constantly abused, either physically or mentally, by their caretakers. When you want to get to the bottom of this issue, contact Radius Investigations.

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