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When Is Covert Surveillance Necessary?

September 25, 2015

Investigations, by definition, involve the collection of information. Depending on the type of investigation being carried out, different methods may be used to collect such information.

All investigations involve the gathering of facts--usually this is done through overt interviews with witnesses and experts, review of documents or evidence, and the collection of information using reports and forms and the like. These methods often suffice in getting to the bottom of the matter at hand. However, when someone who is the subject of an investigation is trying to hide something, it might be necessary to employ more unorthodox techniques to find out what’s really going on. It is situations like this where covert surveillance can be a valuable tool.

Covert surveillance can involve the use of sophisticated gear like in the movies, but it doesn’t have to. It can be as simple as following someone to see where they spend their lunch hour and filing a report. It is however sometimes useful to employ such technology as high definition video and photography. In this way, the information collected is more objective and often speaks for itself. This is particularly desirable when the information collected will be used in court or other legal proceedings.

Which types of investigations lend themselves to the use of covert surveillance?

Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity investigations are one of the most common types of investigation to employ covert surveillance. If a spouse or partner is suspected of cheating, often the only way to verify this is through covert monitoring. The suspected individual can be followed, photographed and/or video recorded in compromising situations. It might be possible to record a secret rendezvous. This evidence can then be presented in divorce proceedings and used to help determine such matters as child support and alimony.

Financial Lifestyle/Asset Investigations

It is not uncommon for one or another party involved in a divorce case to try to hide their true income, an extra job or expensive assets. Covert surveillance is valuable in determining if someone is living beyond their stated means or trying to hide things of value. Video or photographs showing elaborate spending or the use of expensive boats or cars can help establish actual income, which can then be used in court to determine the financial arrangements of a divorce.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Employers and insurers can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by identifying fraudulent injury claims. Covert surveillance is particularly useful for these types of investigations. Secretly observing the activities of a subject and recording them via video or photography can determine the apparent physical health of someone for use as evidence against false workers’ compensation claims.

Radius Investigations has expert investigators to conduct ethical covert surveillance should the situation call for it. We use state of the art high definition video and still photo cameras to provide the highest degree of quality. Information collected from covert means will be admissible in court and other legal proceedings. Call us at 888-698-0077 if you have questions about the use of covert surveillance. Our lines are open 24 hours a day.

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