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Why Hire a Private Investigator?

Why Should I Hire a Private Investigator?

A private investigator is a valuable service in obtaining sensitive information to help you make an informed decision based on actionable intelligence. Here are a few of many reasons why hiring a private investigator from Guardian Investigations is the right choice:

P.I.’s Have Access to Resources

Private investigators have connections to updated and accurate resources that an individual of the public cannot obtain on their own. Guardian Investigations is licensed, bonded, and insured, which gives us access to numerous and valuable legal databases.

We Know How to Find People or Information

Sure, you can find online tutorials on ways to search for information, but as we have discussed before on the risks in using online public databases, those are not enough. Our private investigators have years of experience and knowledge on and off the field in how to get the right intel from the best sources, using professional practices.

Rock-Solid Reporting

If you tried to gather evidence and documentation on your own, there is a chance that it could be dismissed in court due to legalities of how it was obtained or technicalities. Guardian Investigations provides thorough and expert reporting and documentation that is admissible in court.

Private Investigators Know the Dangers

Depending on the situation, gathering intel can become dangerous. For example, if the job requires a search for a missing person or surveillance, it is better to place that in the hands of professionals than to do it on your own. Private investigators and detectives know what to prepare and be aware of when out on the field and we always protect our client's privacy. Our private investigators consistently attend physical and tactical training to keep themselves safe and be compliant to state (such as NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services) and national regulations.

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