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Featured Products - Body Worn Cameras

October 18, 2012

Body worn cameras are some of the best and most advanced devices around for undercover surveillance.  If you want to get footage while being the least obvious, body worn cameras are for you!  The top three personal favorites are the B3000, HatCamCSU, and the SunDVR800.  The B3000 is a camera that is disguised as a button on your shirt.  This is a perfect idea when you are wearing any sort of button down shirt (usually with black buttons since the camera is black).  You can get a great angle from where the button camera is positioned when the target is in front of you.  The HatCamCSU is perfect if you want the same angle as the B3000 and you want to be discreet.  The HatCamCSU is an ordinary hat that does not stand out so you can be as covert as possible.  The SunDVR800 is another great choice for filming on a sunny day.  The SunDVR800 is one of the best ideas for covert filming.  While getting the most range, the target will not see where you are looking either.

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