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Protecting Our Elders Through Private Investigations

February 19, 2015

Let's face it – nothing can be more stressful and difficult than finding yourself in the situation where you must provide care for your loved ones. That role reversal can be hard for any child, and it's even worse when your circumstances mean that you are forced to confine your loved one to the care of someone else. Placing a parent's care in the hands of a stranger is no easy matter, and something that takes considerable trust. It can also create a tremendous amount of stress.

That stress and concern is exactly why many people choose to seek the services of a private investigator before turning to a caregiver – or to use a detective while their loved one is actually under the care of a facility or a care provider. Whether your loved one will be taken care of in their own home or in a nursing facility, it's vital that you protect and keep them safe.

There are two main times when you might need to consider using a private investigator.

  • Pre-Care – The first is before a caregiver ever begins providing their services to you and your loved one. This is even more important when you are considering using an independent caregiver or one who is providing care in home. Even when they're contracted through a respected company, some bad apples can slip through the cracks. Letting a professional private detective do some background research into a caregiver will help you rest easy and know that your parent is being cared for by someone you can trust.
  • During Care – The sad fact is that elder abuse is a reality. If you start to suspect that your loved one isn't being looked after in the way that they deserve to be treated, you may want to let a detective look into the situation. They can do some research and find out more about whether or not your parent is being abused in any way at all. This applies to elders being cared for in-home or in nursing facilities, and is well worth doing if you even have a fraction of a suspicion that a wrong is being committed.

Your loved ones have spent a lifetime helping and providing you with love and guidance. As they age, roles can become reversed. Protecting them is an important part of providing care to them, and letting an investigator research the caregiver and make sure that they're honest and trustworthy is well worth doing.

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