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Why Are Cheap Online Background Checks Inadvisable?

May 2, 2012

If you think you can get by without hiring a NY private investigator, you should consider the consequences of foregoing a professional’s help. Many people assume they can pay a few bucks to get an online background check on anyone, but the reality is that this is a poor substitute for an actual private investigator.

In fact, many sites that claim they can obtain private information are simply pulling together data that you could actually find for free online. It is often taken from public records, which are free to access. Any other information may be taken from outdated sources. This means there is no way to know how accurate it is, though you can likely assume that most of it is simply wrong.

It should seem too good to be true to be able to get a full background check for a few bucks, all without hiring a NY private investigator. After all, the online search often only takes minutes, so it’s no wonder that the information is usually wrong. It is hastily pulled together by a machine, not an experienced NY private investigator with access to countless resources.

If you are still not convinced of how wrong cheap background checks are, try to perform one on yourself. You will likely be surprised and even amused by the information it pulls up. Your search may list an outdated home address, your spam email address, and possibly even the wrong birth date. It might list that you still work at a job you quit five years ago, and that you live with relatives you haven’t seen in a decade.

Quite simply, most of the information you will be presented with will be downright laughable. When you want accurate results you can trust, you need a NY private investigator. Call Radius Investigations at 1-888-698-0077.

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