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Learn How Employee Background Checks Can Save Your Company Money

April 25, 2012

If you own a business, you should consider having background checks done on new employees by a private detective. New York companies of all kinds have been able to save money with this type of service, so you should consider how a detective’s background screening services can help you.

Employee Background Checks Reduce the Chances of Theft

When you find out about an employee’s history, both with the law and with previous employers, you can learn whether there is a good chance he or she will steal from you. While there is no way to guarantee that a new employee will not steal from the workplace, a prior history of this behavior can certainly tell you whether you need to be cautious if you choose to hire him or her.

Employee Background Checks Decrease Turnover Rates

When you hire someone without knowing his or her background, you are taking a huge chance. If you end up hiring someone who has a history of quitting or being terminated from jobs after just a few months, you have a high chance of the same pattern repeating itself in your office. Having a high turnover rate is costly since you have to spend time training new employees frequently. By running a background check given by a professional private detective, New York businesses have been able to avoid hiring employees who are likely to increase the turnover rate.

Be Aware of Substance Abuse by Doing an Employee Background Check

Most detectives can help your business by finding out whether new hires have had problems with drugs or alcohol. Employees who abuse either legal or illegal substances have a tendency to call in sick to work often, come in late, and be less productive. This can reduce your profits. In addition, employees of this type may increase the chances of workplace violence occurring since they may come to work with an altered mind.

This can put your other employees at-risk, and if anyone becomes injured or feels threatened, you could be facing a lawsuit. Even if the worst case scenario does not occur, you should know that employees who abuse substances are sick more often than others, which can increase your health insurance costs.

Clearly, when it comes to deciding whether to use a private detective, New York companies are advised to treat the option as an investment in their business. Hiring new employees without conducting professional background checks can be expensive and even disastrous for your business, so you should give the option some thought.

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